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Ijzerenberg 2016 was a great

25/10/2016 - WINKSELE - Thanks to five days of sun, the idyllic location, 46 talented artists and a dedicated team of volunteers the expo “Utopia” was an unforgettable event with a fantastic result ...



Video Lego Sapiens.
Composing #8

Hi! Here's a short video showing how I build a Lego Sapiens Composition



Upcoming show:

04/09/2014 - CARRARA - Due to popular demand the exhibition OUT-ART will be extended until Saturday 27th September 2014. Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18 to 24 PM.



jesus-will-be-right-back the-risen-christ lego-sapiens

Jesus will be right back

31/07/14 - MECHELEN - Torno Subito consists of a wooden cross on a white marble base. We immediately recognize the figure of Christ nailed to the cross...



Catholic Church bans sculpture from exposition

14/04/2014 - CARRARA - A second work appears to have been excluded from the “La Croce del Redentore” exhibition curated by the Diocese of Massa Carrara...



Lego Sapiens at Affordable Art Fair Brussels

01/02/2014 - BRUSSELS - The 6th edition of the A.A.F. Brussels ’Adopt Art’ will take place from 6 to 10 February 2014.  Participating in the show will be...



exibition2 exibition sunset-carrara

Workshop Sneak Peak.

15/03/2013 - MECHELEN - Sylvie Van den broeck is working in an abandoned warehouse. This is where she paints, sketches, carpenters and sculpts.



Roze Negers van Chocola

27/01/2012 - ANTWERPEN - Momenteel loopt er in het Centraal Station een spraakmakende kunstententoonstelling. Dit gebouw is opgetrokken onder koning Leopold II, toen België één van de industriële grootmachten van de wereld was.


A Short History of Carrara

05/06/2013 - CARRARA - The first time I heard about Carrara was while talking to Paul Perdieus, my former sculpting teacher at Sint Lucas academy in Antwerp, Belgium. ‘I want to learn stone’, I said, and he answered that Carrara is the place to be.




Les S.D.F.
The homeless of Toulouse

11/09/2011 - MECHELEN - During the schoolyear of 2010-2011 I was studying at l’Ecole Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Toulouse, France, where I got to know some very special people. The French call them Les S.D.F, which is short for...